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EDUPRCHINA is a global agent platform, we offer various services and make beneficial agent policies for our agents to help both individual agents and company agents to develop their business in their countries.

As the service platform of global agent, the core business for EDUPRCHINA is to recruit, train, support and help the international agent with self-development continuously. EDUPRCHINA works with over 700 Chinese universities and colleges in China. Various degree and non-degree programs are available at EDUPRCHINA.

By the end of 2018, EDUPRCHINA has grown to become the largest global agent platform in China with over 6000 international agents from 160 countries working in the platform and 7000+ successful scholarship seats each year.


The mission of the project is to serve and accompany the agents ‘development by providing the best study program, offering standard procedure and efficient tool, creating qualified related service and related cooperation program to support the agent partner with the sustainable business model that will promote the development of Chinese education abroad.

The mission of this platform is serve global agents to promote the development of studying in China by integrating quality study abroad programs for global agents, providing standardized application procedure and tools, and creating quality value-added service products and derivative cooperation projects to help agents establish sustainable business models.


EDUPRCHINA applications system makes it much easier for agents to submit and apply for students. In the meantime, they can keep tracking the status of their students.

EDUPRCHINA works with nearly 800 Chinese universities for now every year. With the advantage, agents can get different programs at EDUPRCHINA platform from self finance to full scholarships.

EDUPRCHINA agents training will be organized regularly including application guidance, scholarships program updating and also promotion strategies.


There are 0-7 star level for EDUPRCHINA agents. The discount of service fee is related to the star level of agents. The higher the level is, the higher the discount is.


ISSP (International Scholarly Study Project) aims to create international study opportunities for all youth by providing each year more than 8000 scholarship seats for Chinese and foreign students through ISSP scholarship program.

ISSP encourages young people to enhance their recognition and understanding of international environment through international learning exchange programs to learn knowledge, to broaden their horizon and also to continue more to social progress, while in the meantime achieving greater self-development and personal destiny.


In order to help our partners to grow and develop more rapidly, we launched ‘EDUMASTER’ project to further provide valued-added service and support besides common partners service, including the following:

  • Agent Training
  • EGPC (EDUPRCHINA Global Partners Conference)
  • ISSP Famtrip
  • ISSP Examination



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