The 10th EDUCATIONAL Global Partners Conference

2021 EGPC

EGPC (Educational Global Partners Conference) is sponsored by iStudy and serves Chinese universities, international educational institutions and overseas agents. With the aim of promoting China's education worldwide and building a high quality channel for Chinese to "go abroad" and accelerating the internationalization of China education, this meeting will attract nearly 100+ Chinese universities, 30+ overseas universities/high schools and 100+ overseas agents from more than 70 countries to Nanjing, China to establish diversified cooperative relations.


Chinese Universities


Overseas Agents


Overseas Institutions



2017 EGPC

The 6th EDUPRCHINA Global Partner Conference

The 6th EDUPRCHINA Global Partner Conference was held successfully in Nanjing in April, 2017. It attracted 100+ Chinese teachers and 100+ representatives from 80+ international agencies. As a professional B2B platform, EDUPRCHINA supports international agents and provides scholarship opportunities for international students to study in China.

2018 EGPC

The 7th EDUPRCHINA Global Partner Conference

The 7th EDUPRCHINA Global Partner Conference was held successfully in Nanjing on April 9-10, 2018. About 300 representatives from 97 Chinese universities and 86 agencies participated in the conference. With 6 years’ development, EDUPRCHINA has grown to become a large global agent platform in China.

2019 EGPC

The 8th EDUPRCHINA Global Partner Conference

The 8th EGPC was hosted by iStudy Education Group for two days in April 15-16, 2019. As one of the most influential international education events in China, it attracted 130+ teachers from 80+ Chinese universities and 140+ representatives from 78+ international agencies. Besides, there were representatives from overseas governments, overseas high schools and universities.


It is a global education workshop that involves different parts of the education market: Chinese universities,
overseas agents, international universities, ambassadors of different countries, etc.


EGPC is a great platform to see 100+ representatives from 80+ Chinese universities at the same time.


Starting from 2012, EGPC is a professional conference after 7 years’ development and experience.


EGPC is the first one in China which builds a high quality channel for Chinese universities & overseas agents