What is ISSP Examination?

ISSP examination is designed to set the standard of evaluation for examination and provide assessment for students who desired to achieve scholarships. These are thousand of international students which passed the exam for their scholarship in ISSP Examination. So far, ISSP Examination has been successfully held in Morocco and Mongolia and we sincerely hope that ISSP Examination would be held in more and more countries.

Online Examination

Because of the virus, We will take ISSP online examination to ensure safety this year and the examination result come out faster.

Success Cases

So far, many Mongolia and Morocco students get full and partial scholarship from this ISSP examination. Check their admission here.


Get ISSP examination certificate for those students who passed the examination and use it as English certificate when apply ISSP schools.


Increase scholarship application success rate

After taking ISSP Examination, success rate for scholarship application will be increased. What’s more, universities teachers will give priority to your application if you apply ISSP schools.

Recommend excellent students for full scholarship

EDUPRCHINA will recommend excellent students who get good marks from this examination to apply full scholarship in China, like university scholarship, president scholarship, major scholarship, government scholarship and so on.

Get ISSP examination certificate

For those students who passed the examination, they will get ISSP examination certificate and use it as English language certificate when apply ISSP schools.

Flexible examination methods

Online and offline examination both are available. EDUPRCHINA agents can choose the suitable examination method according to the actual situation of your country.

Start Your Examination Business

EDUPRCHINA are looking for potential agents who can hold 2020 online/offline ISSP examinations in their local countries and get win-win cooperation

Check the video left side to know the whole online examination process. If you are in China, please connect your VPN.