Why Join Us?

EDUPRCHINA is a global agent platform, we offer various services and make beneficial agent policies for our agents to help both individual agents and company agents to develop their business in their countries.

Service Fee with Discount

The discount of service fee is related to the level of agent. The higher the level is, the higher the discount is. This has helped individual agents better develop their business and also in the meanwhile, encouraged company agents to send student in quantities.

Agent Development

At EDUPRCHINA agent platform, there are 7 agent levels, and at each level, agents will enjoy different levels of services and policies. EDUPRCHINA will help agents through the development based on their abilities.

Comprehensive supports and services

Beside EDUPRCHINA online application system, we also provide other support for and services for our partner agents, such as EDUPRCHINA annual conference, overseas visits etc.

How to Earn Profit

    Open To All

    No matter what you do and where you are, you are welcome to be our agent. There is no restriction for the people with the desire to start their career. Registration is always free.

    Flexible Working Time

    You can promote the programs whenever you have time and start the application in the system anytime. Posting the program details on Facebook pages, Whatsapp, Wechat and other social medium are good ways to attract and convince students to study in China.

    Good Profit and Support

    As individual agent, you can earn your profit by charging students application fee& service fee. EDUPRCHINA only charge reasonable application fee. Besides, you can get continuous support from EDUPRCHINA. Professional agent training will be provided regularly according to your status and needs.

    Enjoy Upgraded Privilege

    Individual agent can upgrade to 7 levels by topping up money in advance on EDUPRCHINA. Each level agent can enjoy relevant privileges which contain an authorized letter, discounts for services, and up to full scholarship seats and program exclusive agent.

    Abundant Resources

    You will have access to 800+ universities and 20,000+ scholarship seats resources as well as self-financed programs. Working with EDUPRCHINA, you will have opportunities to attend agent events to seek for diversified cooperation.

    Cost-effective Way To Work

    Cooperating with EDUPRCHINA makes your work effective. Our professional consultants will help your company to complete multiple applications in shortest time. Also the powerful online system enables you to track the application constantly.

    Develop Your Company

    For company agents that are dedicated to developing long-term cooperation with us, we will deepen the cooperation in all ways. Such as holding the ISSP exam, establishing the culture center and so on.

    Enjoy Upgraded Privilege

    Company agent can upgrade to 7 levels by paying application fee in advance. Each level agent can enjoy relevant privileges which contain an authorized letter, discounts for services, and up to full scholarship seats and program exclusive agent.

How it works?

Register to be EDUPRCHINA agent

1.Register on EDUPRCHINA platform, fill in some info and upload some basic docs
2.You can choose to register as individual or as company
3.Wait for verification. You will receive feedback through email or Wechat in one workday.

Upload application

Upload the student‘s documents in the system first and ask your consultant to check and match suitable program.

Pay application fee

Pay the application fee, after that your consultant will submit your application to school. School will check the students’ docs and release the result

Get admission and pay service fee

After admission out, you need to pay the service fee. And service fee discount is related to your agent level. When digital Jw202 come out, EDUPRCHINA will ship the original admission and Jw202 to you.

Our Agents

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