On the eve of ISSP Scholarship Examination, Wang Liang, COO of iStudy Education Group, accompanied the presidents and teachers from two Chinese universities on arrival in Morocco. They were invited to participate in promoting presentations while visiting Moroccan universities and high schools. Mr. Wang, COO of iStudy Education Group personally explained the ISSP programs and policy, the registration and examination process of the ISSP Scholarship Examination.


The first ISSP Scholarship Examination Morocco Session started successfully at the ISSP examination center in Casablanca at 2pm on 28th April 2018. There were 60 candidates registered for the exam and 30 people were actually present. The students are from seven cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, Malakash and Fes. The examination was conducted in two sessions with a total of six invigilators. All students were engrossed and the teachers were meticulous. The whole examination ended perfectly in 2 hours.


According to statistics, in 120 minutes examination, there were 3 students submitted the paper in 80 minutes, 7 students submitted the paper in 80-100 minutes, and 10 people who finished the paper in 120 minutes. The invigilator strictly marked the time of submission in each exam paper. Every teacher and student received a souvenir which representing Chinese culture after the examination.


The examination papers were personally revised by the teachers of Jiangsu Normal University and the test results were officially announced in May. Among the candidates, 21 of them received full scholarship admission from two Chinese universities such as Jiangsu Normal University, and the remaining 9 received partial scholarship admission from four Chinese universities such as Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.