Content Abstract: ISSP FAM TRIP in Hungary begun on 6th of November, we have visited the University of Debrecen and took participant in the project of agent training and discussion of cooperation between 7th November and 8th November. We stayed in Austria for a two-day leisure journey between 9th and 10th November. On 11th of November, we have visited the University of Sopron, took participant in the project of agent training, discussion of cooperation, and campus tour. At the afternoon of 11th of November, we have visited Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Budapest Business School, discussed the cooperation of Hungary scholarship with the Hungary principal association. On the 12th of November, we have visited the Budapest campus prior medical center of the University of Debrecen, and met with Chinese student delegate.


TISSP Hungary FAM TRIP, which has been organized by iStudy Nanjing Shuangri Education and Technology Co., Ltd started on 6th November. The purpose of this seven-days trip is to visit Hungarian partners and Hungarian cooperative institutions. Moreover, is to negotiate cooperation matters about next year and to discuss the details of EGPC Hungarian conference in May. This visit invited the Chinese and Mongolian agent delegates together.


On the 7th of November, we have arrived at the first station of “ ISSP Hungary FAM TRIP”---the University of Debrecen, which is called as “ the most elegant European university”. As the admissions office of the University of Debrecen, iStudy has been in partnership with China for decades and send lots of international students for the University of Debrecen.


On the 8th of November, the University of Debrecen carefully prepared the training of cooperative project products, have discussed the details of joint programs in next year. In addition the university arranged all agents to visit the campus at the end of the trip.


On the 9th-10th of November, ISSP Hungary FAM TRIP have arranged two-day leisure traveling time for agents, in order to enjoy the relax and romance brought from “ Capital of Music” Austria, additionally had dinner with agent delegates.

After two-day leisure traveling time in Austria, we came to the University of Sopron which is near the Icow River (a branch of the Duozi River) and close to the Austria. The University of Sopron was founded in 1735 which is one of the Hungarian top universities, whose teachers are the first in Hungary. It is called as “ Green University”, because of its harmonious eco-environment of campus. The University of Sopron arranged the training of cooperative project products for agents, and leaded agents to visit the campus assistant experiments equipment and accommodations of international students. Additionally, we negotiated with the school officials of University of Sopron about t cooperation matters, both the university and us all agreed with the achievements of the cooperation, furthermore we both hoped that the future cooperation between us could be closer.

After the trip in the University of Sporon, we have visited the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the Budapest Business School in the afternoon. Both these two universities have provided content-rich training of cooperative project for agents. Peer group held a business delegation with Hungarian school principles union for discussing further cooperation of ISSP Hungarian Scholarship Project. During that time, these two sides have reached the further cooperative intentions.


On the 11th-12th of November, we came to the Medical Prep Center of Budapest Campus of University of Debrecen. iStudy has been passionately caring about the Chinese students who are at the Medical Prep Center. After visited the campus that day, peer group went to visit student.
The seven-day trip of “ ISSP Hungary FAM TRIP” ended in a tense and happy atmosphere. After visited the ISSP cooperative institutions , agents had the deeper agreement and understanding of our programs.


iStudy expects more people to join us. We sincerely invite you to join us for the next journey in May. Let our body and minds to experience European exoticism.