Chairman of iStudy, Ms. Raosha participate in the " Boao Forum for Asia Ulaanbaatar Conference from 19th to 21st, August 2019


The“Boao Forum for Asia Ulaanbaatar Conference”was held for the first time on 19-21 August 2019 in Mongolia capital. This is the second overseas conference held in Asia by Boao Forum for Asia after the Manila conference this year. The Prime Minister of the Mongolian government, Hužele Sukh, the chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, the eighth secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, the Mongolian Foreign Minister, Chaotbatel, and the Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, Li Baodong and other guests participated in the meeting.


Professor Cheng Aimin, former Dean of the School of Overseas Education of Nanjing University, Ms. Rao Sha, Chairman of iStudy, and a representative of the Union of University Presidents of the Ministry of Education of Hungary attended the forum.

On the first day of the conference, Professor Chen Aimin, Ms. Rao Sha and Ms. Petra were invited to participate in the mini “Nadam” celebrations and know the atmosphere of Mongolian festivals. On the evening they were present on the dinner hosted by the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Rao Sha, the chairman of iStudy, had a conversation with Mr. Ban Jiwen at the dinner, introducing the ISSP scholarship program to help middle-class families to obtain preferential study opportunities, and won the praise of Mr. Ban Jiwen.

The Mongolian Foreign Minister Gertbate gave a speech At the dinner. In his speech, he proposed to include the medical and education sectors in the Boao Forum for Asia, expand the exchange platform between Asian countries, and promote cooperation and development among countries.


The successful holding of the forum enabled more countries, international organizations and enterprises to further understand Mongolia's national conditions and business opportunities. The Mongolian community has also given positive comments on the successful completion of this forum. It is hoped that through this forum, Mongolia will get more business cooperation opportunities and technical support, and actually promote the development of Mongolia's domestic economy; more and more international events will be held in Mongolia, giving Mongolia more opportunities to showcase on the world stage and gain more opportunities to cooperate with other countries in the future.

On 21st August, Professor Chen Aimin, Ms. Rao Sha and Ms. Petra were invited to visit Mongolian University of Science and Technology and Mongolian Ministry of Education. Ms. Rao Sha, Chairman of iStudy, signed a cooperation agreement with the Mongolian Ministry of Education. The Mongolian Ministry of Education selected outstanding national students to study in China through the ISSP program.

On 22nd, August, iStudy set up an ISSP test center in Mongolia. On the same day, Mongolian Foreign Minister and representatives of the Mongolian National Assembly were invited to participate in the opening ceremony. At the ceremony, Ms. Rao Sha, Chairman of iStudy, introduced the ISSP Scholarship Program and highly praised.The Mongolian Foreign Minister and representatives of the National Assembly also delivered a speech, highly affirming iStudy's contribution to Mongolian education in the field of education abroad, and also wishing iStudy to achieve more success in the education industry.

The Mongolian tour provided more opportunities for the ISSP project and made the ISSP project more recognized by more people. Looking forward to seeing more like-minded friends join iStudy Company to develop education.