From the airport to the school, we will have special pick-up staffs to accompany students all the way to ensure the safety of students.


The vast China, the vast land, choose us to save you from the trouble of booking tickets and transferring trains.We will arrange everything for you.


Interpret Chinese culture and introduce the attentions on the way to school. Every pick-up person is professionally trained to ensure the best service to the students.


Rich experience, reliable brand.We have extensive experience in the pick-up service in dustry and have successfully transferred 400+ students.


Professional pick-up staff, perfect facilities, also help the students to exchange money, handle telephone cards...Serve every student with the most efficients ervice.


Reasonable price, professional service, make sure every student will enjoy acomfortable pick-up experience at an affordable price.


Pick-up Service

Because of language barrier, culture difference and large area of China, it’s sometimes very troublesome for international students to find taxis and go to the school for registration. Now, EDUPRCHINA will clear all these worries and provides an easy journey for our agents’ students from airport/train station to school..

Individual pick up request is not accepted

Individual pick up request is not accepted. EDUPRCHINA pick up service is started at least five students to the same city.

You need EFUPRCHINA pick up service?

If your are interested in EDUPRCHINA pick up service, please scan the QR code on the picture on the left.