International Economics and Trade

Tuition Fee (RMB/Year) FREE
  • Details
    • Program ID: IBB4001370
    • Teaching Language: English
    • City: Fuzhou
    • Intake: Autumn 2020
    • Degree: Bachelor
    • Duration: 4 Year(s)
    • Scholarship Duration: 1 Year(s)
    • Original tuition fee(RMB/Year): 16000
    • Accommodation fee (RMB/Year): 3000
  • Scholarship Policy
    • After scholarship tuition fee (RMB/Year): FREE
    • After scholarship accommodation fee (RMB/Year): 3000
    • With stipend: No
    • Grade requirement:

      all subjects over 70%

    • Policy to get scholarship after schoalrship duration:
      Others:  This scholarship is just for first year, next years' scholarship depends on your result.

  • Application Documents
    • Passport Info Page
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Translate of Academic Transcripts
    • Highest Diploma Certificate
    • Translate of Highest Diploma Certificate
    • Study Plan
    • Physical Examination Report(Valid within six months)
    • Certificate of Non-criminal Record
    • Economic Guarantee Letter
    • Bank Statement
    • Application Form
    • Translate of Certificate of Non-criminal Record(Valid within six months)
    • English Test Result
    • One Passport-Sized Photo


    Bank Statement: at least 20000 RMB

    English Test Result: must provide a Video recording in English ,last 3-5 minutes,including self-introduction ,educational background, work experience and Study plan

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  • Fee Structure
    University Fee(RMB)
    Tuition Fee 0 Accommodation Fee 3000
    Deposit Fee 2000 Registration Fee 500
    Medical Test Fee 500 Residence Permit Fee 400
    Textbook Fee 400 Insurance Fee 800
     Bedding Fee Depends on actual payment Others Depends on actual payment
    Agent Fee (RMB)
    Application Fee 500 Pay for it before application
    Service Fee Pay for it after JW202
    0 Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star 6 Star 7 Star
    2700 2160 2025 1890 1755 1620 1485 1350

all subjects over 70%

Age: 18-21 years old

Chinese Proficiency:NO

Due to the large number of applications, this program is currently just open to students from the following nationalities:  Egypt, Congo, Sudan, Djibouti, Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Togo; Morocco; Mongolia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia.

University dorm

  • Important Notice

      1,Must provide a Video recording in English ,last 3-5 minutes, including self-introduction ,educational background, work experience and Study plan.

      2,   Registration Fee 500 RMB must be paid after getting the digital pre-admission. It will not be returned.

      3,   Deposit Fee 2000 RMB must be paid after getting the digital JW202

Campus Photos

The product has expired and can no longer be applied.