Fashion Design and Engineering

Tuition Fee (RMB/Year) FREE
  • Details
    • Program ID: NDA0501496
    • Teaching Language: English
    • City: Hangzhou
    • Intake: Autumn 2020
    • Degree: PhD
    • Duration: 3.5 Year(s)
    • Scholarship Duration: 3.5 Year(s)
    • Original tuition fee(RMB/Year): 30000
    • Accommodation fee (RMB/Year): 5400
  • Scholarship Policy
    • After scholarship tuition fee (RMB/Year): FREE
    • After scholarship accommodation fee (RMB/Year): FREE
    • With stipend: Yes
    • Grade requirement:

      70% or above

    • Policy to get scholarship after schoalrship duration:

      Tuition fee: 30000RMB/academic year

      Accomodation fee: 450RMB/month (double room, with separate bathroom)

      Applicant can apply for President Scholarship:

      Free tuition and accommodation fee, with Living Allowance 2000 RMB/ month (12 months)

      Not all applicants can successfully applied scholarship, unviersity will comprehensively review submitted application materials and determine winners' list.

      Accommodation deposit fee: 400RMB (it will be refunded if all  equipments are in good condition when students check out)              

  • Application Documents
    • Passport Info Page
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Translate of Academic Transcripts
    • Highest Diploma Certificate
    • Translate of Highest Diploma Certificate
    • Recommendation Letters
    • Study Plan
    • Physical Examination Report(Valid within six months)
    • Certificate of Non-criminal Record
    • Application Form
    • Translate of Certificate of Non-criminal Record(Valid within six months)
    • English Test Result
    • One Passport-Sized Photo


    English Test Result: TOEFL: 61 (IBT), 500 (PBT) or above; IELTS: 5.5 or above.

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  • Fee Structure
    University Fee(RMB)
    Tuition Fee 0 Accommodation Fee 0
    Deposit Fee Depends on actual payment Registration Fee 0
    Medical Test Fee Depends on actual payment Residence Permit Fee Depends on actual payment
    Textbook Fee Depends on actual payment Insurance Fee 0
     Bedding Fee Depends on actual payment Others Depends on actual payment
    Agent Fee (RMB)
    Application Fee 500 Pay for it before application
    Service Fee Pay for it after JW202
    0 Star 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star 5 Star 6 Star 7 Star
    4375 3500 3281.25 3062.5 2843.75 2625 2406.25 2187.5

70% or above

Age: 18-40

Chinese Proficiency: none

English Proficiency: good


Due to the large number of applications, this program is currently not open to students from the following nationalities: Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Turkey, and war sensitive countries.

University dorm

  • Important Notice

      1. A photocopy of your valid Visa or Residence Permit if you are already in China

      2. Study certificate with class attendance record and transcripts given by your host university if you are studying at another university in China

      3. Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the legal documents of their legal guardians inChina. The documents should be notarized by the Chinese Embassy in the applicant's country.

      4. English Proficiency Certificates (at least meets one of the following equivalents):

        (a) Mother language is English;

        (b) Official language is English;

        (c) Graduate from universities in English-medium;

        (d) TOEFL: 61 (IBT), 500 (PBT) or above;

        (e) IELTS: 5.5 or above.

      5. two letters of recommendation by professors or associate professors.

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The product has expired and can no longer be applied.