Jingchu University of Technology

Jingchu University of Technology

Jingchu University of Technology is a public undergraduate institute approved by China’s Ministry of Education. It is located in Jingmen, Hubei, a famous historical and cultural city known as the “Gate of Jingchu”. It covers a land area of 147.71 hectares, with a school-building construction area of 300 thousands square meters. It is equipped with different modern teaching and scientific instruments .

There are 14 colleges and departments with 34 undergraduate specialties and majors which cover a range of 8 subjects in the field of science, industry, agriculture, medicine, art, education, management and music.There are 111 training bases in the university, 1 affiliated hospital and 2 teaching hospitals.

The total number of teaching faculty is 1193, among which there are 659 teachers for different majors, including 225 professors & associate professors, more than 425 doctors & masters, and 4 specialists who deserve special provincial and national allowances.

There are more than 13 thousands full-time students. 


Low cost of living

  • Teaching Building
  • Palais Omnisports
  • Muslim Restaurant
  • Basketball Court
  • Football Court
    • Assembly Hall
    • Library
    • Laboratory

    University dorm

    • quad-room

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