Dalian Polytechnic University

Dalian Polytechnic University

Founded in 1958, Dalian Polytechnic University (DPU), was one of the four earliest institutes of light industry inChina. It was subordinated to Chinese Ministry of Light Industry. In 1998 its managing system was transferred to the joint construction by Chinese central government and local government, with Liaoning Provincial government playing a major role. Approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, Dalian Institute of Light Industry was renamed Dalian Polytechnic University in March, 2007. Over the half past century, in DPU six major disciplines have been developing harmoniously, including engineering (the key discipline), science, art, literature, management and economics. DPU features cultivating professional talents in the fields of light industry, textile process, food science, art so on. About 60000 talents in various fields have been cultivated by DPU in the past years.

DPU possesses three doctorate authorization disciplines of first grade, one post-doctoral research station, thirteen master’s degree disciplines of first grade, nine enrollment fields of Master of Engineering, one degree authorization point of Master of Arts and one degree authorization point of Master of Agriculture Popularization. Additionally, DPU possesses five key disciplines of Liaoning Province and her three disciplines of first grade have been evaluated as first-class characteristic disciplines of the universities in Liaoning Province.

In DPU, there are 15 schools (departments), 50 undergraduate specialties and two Sino-Foreign cooperative specialties. In the national “...

In line with the trend of internationalization of higher education, the school has exchanged and cooperated with more than 90 universities in more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Korea, including teacher-student exchanges, scientific research and various international academic conferences. The school has been granted 7 national high-end intellectual attraction projects, 20 provincial and municipal intellectual attraction projects, and the school has been approved to be a commissioned training institution for Chinese Government Scholarship students and a foreign student scholarship unit of Liaoning Province Government. In recent years, more than 3200 foreign students have been received from various countries. 

  • Teaching Building
  • Palais Omnisports
  • Basketball Court
  • Football Court
  • Supermarket
    • Laundry
    • Bank
    • Assembly Hall
    • Library
    • Laboratory
    • gymnasium

    • School Bus
    • Bicycle Sharing System
    • Volleyball Court
    • Badminton Court
    • Tennis Court

    University dorm

    • Double-room

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